Flight & Ground Training with Brandon Maso

Click on any available time (green) to schedule a flight or ground lesson with me.

PLEASE NOTE THE FOLLOWING: The system will permit scheduling anytime between eight hours in advance and a maximum of 30 days in advance. If you are requesting a lesson within eight hours, please contact me directly via e-mail (bgmaso@gmail.com). Upon booking and receipt of a confirmation e-mail, our time is automatically confirmed. I will contact you directly with any schedule issues that may arise.

$65/hour flight or ground school (check, venmo, paypal, etc.)
$50/hour flight or ground school- if paying cash ONLY
$500/DAY (assumes start time at 8:00a.m. or later, and end time at or before 6:00p.m.)

Note that this system is ONLY to schedule time with me and does NOT reserve an aircraft. Aircraft reservations must be made through the appropriate system or authority.

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